Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pedal Board Redux

At our gig last night at the Little Bear Saloon up in Evergreen, CO, I tried out my latest minimal pedal board. Yep, I've gone 'round and 'round on the whole pedal thing and now I'm back in the effects camp.

As you can see from the picture, I'm using only the Boss GE7 EQ pedal and the cool little Delta Lab digital delay pedal. (BTW, it's made by Texas Instruments.) I use the settings as you see them: A slight bump to the mids and a very slight cut to the extreme lows and highs on the EQ pedal, and a small slap-back on the delay. I thought it sounded great. So did my bandmates and the sound tech at the venue.

The pedals are in the inexpensive Boss BCB-30 pedal board; very convenient. The top snaps on and it folds up like a briefcase.

Pedal Board Update: I added a Line 6 X2 wireless rig:

The guitar player in Roadhouse Joe (Scott Mishoe) and I have been thinking about going wireless so we went to Guitar Center and tried out the little Line 6 X2. I was interested in it for a couple of reasons:

-Moderate cost ($199 but we cut a deal for buying two)
-Small size receiver fits in my bedal board
-It operates above 900mhz, so the new FCC bandwidth won't interfere.

So far it is performing as advertised: No drop-outs or static at all. When I A-B'ed it against a cable I could not hear any difference. It gets all the grit and overtones from my bullet mic. I can play from any room in my house. (It's raining outside so I didn't try that.) I'll thrash it out at band practice tomorrow and see how it does.

At the gig at Little Bear last week I stepped on my cable twice and unplugged my mic, so I'm really looking forward to being unleashed!


AirMojo said...

Nice little pedal board setup! Let us know how you like that new wireless rig.

Are you using one AC adapter for all the 2 Boss pedals AND the wireless ? What kind is it ?

I ended up using a little Belkin power bar strip with rotating plugs, mainly because if different adapter plugs supplying different power to my setup.

Rick Davis said...

Hey AirMojo-

Yep, I'm running both pedals and the wireless receiver off the same OneSpot power supply. It seems to work fine. I have a Monster power conditioner upstream of that.

I've played with the X2 wireless for several hours and so far I have no complaints at all. I still haven't heard any drop-outs or noise, and the tone as good as a cable.

I'm going to run it until the 9V battery in the transmitter dies so I can see the actual battery life. Line 6 claims as much as 12 hours but I doubt that.