Thursday, March 12, 2009

Roadhouse Joe shows coming up

Mar 26 2009 -- 9:00P Hiccups 2 Sports Bar & Grill Thornton, Colorado
Apr 2 2009 -- 9:00P
Buffalo Rose Golden, Colorado
Apr 14 2009 -- 8:00P
Little Bear Saloon Evergreen, Colorado
May 9 2009 -- 9:00P
Zephyr Bar & Grill Aurora, Colorado
May 20 2009 -- 7:30P
Herman’s Hideaway Denver, Colorado
Jun 20 2009 -- 9:00P
Zephyr Bar & Grill Aurora, Colorado
Jun 27 2009 -- 4:00P
MS 150 Bike Ride Fort Collins, Colorado

More info at Roadhouse Joe's Myspace site.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rick,Ive been following along on your advice about hot roddin a Champ!
Ive got mine maxed out with the mods,and love the way it sounds.What Im wondering is when I turn up the volume past 5 or 6 it starts to get a harsh sound .I use a bullet mic with a CR and volume control by Chuck Gurney.Could you offer me some advice as to why it does that?
Blowin & Goin Ron Hall

Rick Davis said...

Hey Ron-

Hmmmm, it shouldn't do that... My Champ sings on 8 or 9. I'd look at a couple things first... Clean your tube sockets with DeOxIt or a similar spray that does not include a lubricant.

If that doesn't work try swapping out each tube one at a time with known good spares. (You have spare tubes, right?)

Beyond that, I don't know... could be a bad solder joint. I doubt it's your mic; Chuck Gurney is a master mic builder. Could it be feedback?