Thursday, January 8, 2009

Epiphone Valve Junior Combo Amp

Hi Rick,

My name is Louis, a harp player from Singapore. I've recently made a few sound clips of my valve junior combo on my soundclick site to share with you.

My valve junior is my everyday practice amp. I've changed the preamp tube to a 12DW7 and the power tube to a lower grade EL84. Both tubes were ordered from eurotubes. The 12DW7's lower gain factor faces the mic side while the 100 factor faces the el84. This effectively reduces the mic input gain while maintaining full power at the output. The result was much better clean headroom but still manages to distort nicely when stressed. The recordings were made with a Zoom H2 on low mic gain placed 2 ft away from the amp. On some samples I used an artec parametric eq. I find this quite useful since the valve junior has no built in volume control. I like to use it like a tone control, chopping off the offensive feedback causing high freq then boosting it. I think it sounds pretty good for the chromatic harp.

Please tell me what you think.

Happy New Year,

Great playing, Louis! The Epi Valve Jr Combo sounds great with that 545 mic. Good playing too; nice tone. I particularly like these two:

Seydel 1847 with Shure 545SD

Hohner Marine Band with Shure 545SD

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