Monday, November 17, 2008

Kenny Blue Ray

I bought a pair of used speakers from Kenny Blue Ray, a premier blues guitar guy from the Bay Area. The speakers are 10A125-O Webers (lightly gigged), which I will use in my 2x10 cab with my Masco amp. I have the same speaker in my project Champ, and the tone is outstanding.

Kenny Blue Ray played and/or recorded with Little Charlie & the Nightcats, SRV, William Clarke, James Cotton, Mark Hummel, Gary Smith, Kim Wilson, Paul Delay and others. These speakers are gonna have some serious mojo.

Thanks, Kenny!


Anonymous said...

I'd hate the detract from Blue Ray's mojo, but I've had the opportunity to jam with him several times. Blue Ray can play and he knows how to back a harp player.

Rick Davis said...

Dude... You add to the good mojo. Kenny has rocked out with a lot of great players.