Friday, July 29, 2016

MM Harpman vs. LW Mojo Pad

This is a photo of the inside of the Mojo Pad pedal from Lone Wolf, their version of a feedback pedal.  It is a common, simple T-pad circuit with fixed attenuation.  The working parts are only three resistors, which cost about a dime each.  They sell the pedal for $49.  It is a no-adjustment, one-size-fits-all kluge, and a very expensive one at that.   Hell, I couldn't live with myself if I overcharged customers like that.

This is the MM Harpman pedal: Anti-Feedback + Active Tone Control.  It is getting fantastic reviews from users.  On-Off button, adjustable Gain, Volume, Bass, and Treble.  It will calm your amp and warm it up.  Trust me, it ain't just three cheap resistors inside.  We sell it now for $49.  Later it will go up to $69.  (If we marked it up like the other guys it would probably sell for around $500)  We are very proud of the performance and value the MM Harpman brings to the blues harp community.   Check the website for details and customer videos.

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