Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New 5-Watt Harp Amp - The Memphis Mini

This is the new Memphis Mini -- Basically it is a Champ clone with a tone control - a 5F2A circuit. 5 watts, with 8-inch Weber speaker, EH 12AY7 preamp tube, Ruby 6V6 power tube, hand wired point-to-point on a turret board, big iron in the transformers, line out, nice lacquered tweed.

In this video the amp is lined out with a little sound in the PA and monitors.

Playing impressions: That little sucker is louder than other Champ-type amps I've played. This was the first stage time for the amp, and I could hear the speaker loosening up as the jam went on. It was crunchier at the end of the jam than at the beginning. 

Nic Clark was impressed! ...and that kid is very picky about his gear.

I had four very good harp amps at the jam and the Mini was the only one that got played. There were tons of comments from other jammers, from fans, and from the staff at the club (who have heard it all). Everybody loved the sound of the Mini.

The is not a Mission Amp... it is a collaboration between Mission and another company. Bruce Collins designed the tone circuits and he will take care of the warranty work.

This amp begins its life in a factory in China, same as the VHT Special 6 amp. It is imported to America partially complete and finished here. Speaker and electronics are installed, and the cab is lacquered.

The target initial selling price for the amp is ~$400. It will be available in a couple months. Stay tuned for details...

UPDATE:  Visit www.MemphisBluesAmps.com

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