Monday, November 24, 2008

Review: Fender Pro Junior Project Harp Amp

I’ve played out with the Fender Pro Junior project harp amp a few times now. Here are my impressions:

-It’s LOUD! This little sucker will crank, handling most gigging situations with ease. It is sometimes too loud, and I have to lower the volume. But even on 3 or 4 the amp gets some crunch on tightly cupped bends or duo-tone chords. However, it does its best work above 8 (out of 12) on the volume.

-It cuts through the mix. This amp has the character of a Champ. It is “barky” and hot. This ain’t the fat rolling tone that oozes from big saggy amps; its more horn-like, slightly muted. I have a Weber Beam blocker on the speaker to avoid beaminess, which seems to work well.

-Feedback has not been a big problem. For whatever reason, I’m usually able to crank it and just play; not wandering all over the stage looking for that one perfect spot where the feedback demons disappear.

-I get lots of compliments on the tone, not just from the audience but from blues players. They’re pretty impressed with this little amp. I think it shines for blues rock or boogie.

Fender Pro Junior project amp has become my backup rig. I take it whenever I play, just in case. It is small, light, and reliable. I’ve jammed on it for hours with no ill effects. It sings with just a touch of delay.

Cool little amp. I think I’ll keep it.

UPDATE 12/02/08:
Here is a short clip of the Pro Junior getting thrashed at a blues jam.


Arnenym said...
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Rick Davis said...

No, there's no way it should sound like that. The Weber Sig 10 ceramic with smooth cone sounds deep and full.

Go to the Weber Speakers home page. (Use the link on the right at the bottom of the list.) Look for the grey box that says "RMA Form." Fill in the blanks on the Return Materials Authorization form, print it out, and ship everything back. They'll take care of it.